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Residence Permit - Turkey

Foreign nationals that wish to enter Turkey must have a visa ( 30, 60 or 90 days ) or visa exemption. Foreigners that wish to stay longer ( usually 1 year ) must apply for a residence permit in Turkey.

First of all you need to fill out an online application with biometric photo.

For obtaining a residence permit in Turkey, you will need following documents:

- A residence permit application form

- An original and colour copy of the buyer's valid passport or travel document (photo page and page with the last entry) with at least 60 days validity past the date of expiry of the Residentce permit applied for.

- Four biometric photos 5cmx 6cm (one photo will need to be uploaded to the online application form and must be no bigger than 500kbs)

- A declaration regarding financial resources (500 $ per month or its equivalent in another currency) and its proof from Turkish bank in the account with your name

- Valid health insurance in Turkey

- An official document with your address (either a copy of signed and notarised rental contract or proof of owning a property in Turkey where you will be staying-Tapu). Also a Numerataj Bilgi Formu which can be obtained from the local Belediye office. This is a document that identifies streets, roads and buildings.

Initial application

If you are applying for a residence permit for the first time, you need to make an online reservation before going to the office. The online reservation must be made before your tourist visa expires. Then, you must fill out e-ikamet - online application on the official website ( and have all the documents mentioned before.

If you are applying for the first time, you choose “first application”. After filling out the e-ikamet, you will see the confirmation page with all the details and the amount of money that you have to pay at the tax office. You should print out this page if possible, in the Tax Office they may ask for it.

After paying the tax for the residence permit and having prepared all the documents, at the date of your appointment, you must visit the local office and apply in person.

Extension of residence permit

If you are a holder of newly applied for a residence permit, you need to follow most of the steps mentioned before. Instead of making an online reservation, you only need to send the online application and send all the documents by post office or courier.

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